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Runner stats

Runner name:The Medic
Faction:Fallen Angels

Kill/Death stats

  Kills Deaths
Non-outpost zones:01
Outpost zones:00
Neofrag zones:00
NPC related:00
Self kills:0

Faction Kill/Death stats

  Kills Deaths
Allied Faction:00
Neutral Faction:11
Enemy Faction:00
Unknown Faction:00

Runner kills.

Kill Faction Time
The Medic killed Carrot in DANGEROUS CANYON CAVE with a N/A N FA vs NExT Sun 17 Dec 2023 21:00 (UTC)

Runner deaths.

Kill Faction Time
Littlesock killed The Medic in DANGEROUS CANYON CAVE with a SUCKER PUNCH N PP vs FA Sun 17 Dec 2023 20:24 (UTC)