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Clan Information JADE TIGERS (Titan)

Short clan name:Jade TiGERS
Faction:Tsunami Syndicate
Outposts held:0
Clan first observed: Mo. 25 Feb. 2019 22:20 (UTC)
Last activity: Di. 05 März 2019 02:30 (UTC)

Current outposts held by JADE TIGERS on Titan

JADE TIGERS is not holding any outposts at this time.

Clan statistics

Current statistics

Outposts held:0
Laboratories held:0
Factories held:0
Fortresses held:0
Mines held:0
Uplinks held:0

Totals statistics

Outposts captured:1
Laboratories captured:0
Factories captured:0
Fortresses captured:0
Mines captured:1
Uplinks captured:0
Total security changes:3

Attacking statistics

Enemies attacked:0
Neutrals attacked:0
Friendlies attacked:0
Attacked by enemies:0
Attacked by neutrals:0
Attacked by friendlies:0

Other statistics

Most ops held:1 @ Mo. 25 Feb. 2019 22:20 (UTC)

Outpost fighting history

Outpost Sector Type Clan Faction Outpost taken Observed at
Yutano Mine J09 Mine Lost to THE MUTANT FACTION UNo Faction Di. 05 März 2019 02:29 (UTC) Di. 05 März 2019 02:30 (UTC)
Yutano Mine J09 Mine Captured from THE MUTANT FACTION UNo Faction Mo. 25 Feb. 2019 22:19 (UTC) Mo. 25 Feb. 2019 22:20 (UTC)